Exelerating creates information about the institutional market in The Netherlands and United Kingdom. The products of exelerating consists of different modules, each with a different purpose. The modules make it easy to search desired qualitative and quantitative information about Pension Funds, Insurance Companies, Fiduciary Managers and parties involved. In addition, it is possible to create your own analyses, queries and benchmarks.

Exelerating News Service

The latest news about the institutional market.

  • Datadriven news service based on >3000 different sources .
  • Connected with our other services, such as Profiles and Alerts.
  • Included with data insights: Custom-made analyses based on our data.


Extensive profiles of institutions in the Netherlands and United Kingdom. The application keeps you up to date with the latest news about these institutions and parties involved. The module consists of:

  • Up-to-date factsheets concerning Pension Funds, Insurance Companies and Fiduciary managers.
  • Standardized analyses for a clear view per identity.
  • Organizational data including: Directors, Committees, Investment Advisors, Investment Managers, Fiduciairy Managers, Penion Funds, Administrators, Consultants, Actuaries and Accountants.
  • Quantitative data and benchmark information including: Asset development, coverage ratio, costs, type of investments, return on investments and more.
Demo – Profile

Analytics - Calculation Module

Generate custom benchmark reports in a split of a second. The module makes it possible to compare individual Pension Funds, Insurance Companies or Fiduciary Managers.

  • Based on up-to-date and comparable data from public sources
  • Create your own custom peer group
  • Comparisons on qualitative level: how does the organization differ in terms of service providers?
  • Comparisons on a quantitative level, how do the key figures differ, such as policy funding, costs and performance?

Analytics - Network Graphs

Analyse the organizational structure of a Pension Fund / Insurance Company to vizualize connections between people in The Netherlands and United Kingdom.

  • Over 10.000 connections between Pension Funds, Insurance Companies and people
  • Easy visualization of all connections within the institutional market

Analytics - Suggestion Machine

The Suggestion Machine makes it possible to search the complete textual database of Exelerating. This database consists of multiple different sources such as annual reports, ABTN’s and complete websites.

  • Search for investment products, sentiments, companies, persons or other terms.
  • Create a report that gives suggestions which pension funds have a relationship with the search term.
  • Discover in a split of a second what pensionfunds write about your search term.

Analytics - Search Database

Exe Personal

The Exe Personal module makes it possible to get detailed information that is relevant for you. You can follow the Pension Funds, Insurance Companies or Asset managers of your interests. The moment our scrapers see changes within these institutions you will immediately receive an Alert to keep you always up-to-date.

  • Follow over 400 Pensionfunds, Insurance Companies and Asset Managers in the Netherlands and UK.
  • Receive alerts about composition changes of commissions, new available documents and Events.
  • Receive only alerts that are relevant for you.


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